Norwegian Epic, Grand Holiday, Thomson Dream Liberty of the Seas & Seven Seas Voyager in Civitavecchia

The 12th October 2011 saw us arrive in Civitavecchia and berth in the single turnaround facility where I had disembarked Celebrity Equinox in 2009 so had a strong feeling of deja vu.  Following us in were Grand Holiday, Thomson Dream, Liberty of the Seas and Seven Seas Voyager.  Gemini was supposed to be with us but after the collapse of Happy Cruises, all cruises had been cancelled.  I hadn't seen the Thomson since the day of my mum's funeral in December 2010.  By the time Liberty was picking up the pilot, the fog began to come down making it difficult to photograph as she gave three blasts to indicate reversing then became shrouded.  I was considering giving up before Seven Seas Voyager came, since I had no idea where the hell she was, but then she emerged from the dissipating mist.

By the time I had finished breakfast, the sun was out and fog cleared.  You couldn't see the Thomson though from the forward end of Epic.
After my excursion, I took some photos from the dockside before reboarding the ship.
After lunch I took some photos of three of them then wandered aft to get all four - try to!  Liberty was just too far ahead of the others to get het in the picture.
And so sailaway.  We, Liberty and the Thomson were 7pm while Grand Holiday was 7.30pm and Seven Seas Voyager 8pm.  So, who would go first?  As it turned out it was us, although when Liberty swished up the water, we thought it would be her!  She followed.
The review of my Norwegian Epic cruise is here.
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