Norwegian Epic, Carnival Magic, Ryndam (III), Costa Luminosa & Grand Holiday in Barcelona

We arrived back in Barcelona for 5am on the 16th October 2011.  Carnival Magic would be behind us.  Since there wouldn't be a lot to see with the design of Epic, and all the juddering making photography difficult, I got up after we'd docked and saw Ryndam arriving as I went to breakfast.

I went for breakfast and sat with a view of the Carnival Magic in front of us.  Magic is a new ship for Carnival Cruises and the second of the Dream class of 130.000grt.  She had her maiden voyage from Venice on the 1st May 2011, arriving in Barcelona nine days later where she was based until the 28th October, when she repositioned to Galveston.  Since we don't get many Carnival ships in Europe, this was a rare treat,but I just wish it had been lighter.  I then saw Costa Luminosa and Grand Holiday arriving in the distance.  I'd last seen the Costa in Southampton a month earlier when she diverted due to bad weather, resulting in Dover Port being closed.
I had to go before the Costa docked and then my colour was called at 7.20am - grrrr!  Due to the fact Spain is on the wrong timezone, it was still too dark at that hour of the morning so it made getting any half-decent photos nigh on impossible.  As I left, I saw Grand Holiday parked in front of the Carnival, which was quite apt, then we headed for the airport.
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© Patricia Dempsey 16th October 2011
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