Grand Holiday, Ryndam (III), Norwegian Epic & Azamara Journey in Barcelona

I flew to Barcelona to join Norwegian Epic on the 9th October 2011.  It was exactly 365 days since I'd last boarded a ship there and would be doing a similar milk run itinerary.  As we made the approach to the airport, Azamara Journey, Ryndam, Grand Holiday and, of course, the humungous Epic could be seen from the right hand side of the plane.

We all boarded the bus, picking up more passengers on the way, then proceeded to the ship.  It's always good when they come into view as you get nearer your home for the next whatever number of days, although Epic could be seen long before the others.
As I came out of the lift, eight bells of muster were finishing but none of us boarding had any idea it was coming from our ship!
Ryndam was listed to sail at 5pm with us, Grand Holiday and Azamara Journey at 6pm, according to the Barcelona port schedule.  Grand Holiday actually left first, Ryndam following.  Because of the design of Epic, I couldn't see a flipping thing so was relying on my dad telling me what was moving from the other end of the phone.  As I was talking to him, we moved away from the berth and then the Azamara did the same the other side of the bridge.
I went to get some long overdue food and as I was eating, the Azamara was visible outside the window so I took a quick snap.  When I'd finished, I went back on deck and spotted Ryndam sailing into the sunset and from aft, the Azamara doing likewise.
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