Celebrity Eclipse & Balmoral in Zeebrugge
Celebrity Eclipse had zoomed ahead of us in the English Channel as she was due in Zeebrugge for 7am in berth 702, while we strolled leisurely, arriving in berth 103 for 8.30am.  Eclipse would also be sailing at 3pm to our 5pm.  103 was new to me after being in the usual cruise berth for my previous nine calls, but I had seen Astor dock there from Aurora in 2008.
I popped out for some dock photos and hoped I wouldn't be yelled at, as I had been a couple of times over at the other berth.  It was a very nice berth, the old railway line partially filled in just like ours.  I noticed a bit of a burnt on mess on Balmoral's stern.  Part is definitely Norwegian Crown, but I wondered if it also contained Crown Odyssey.
Eclipse was due to sail at 3pm so I went on deck to get her.  Thankfully there was a bit which had some shade so the sun would be out of my eyes.  She was bang on time, just as a flotilla of small boats appeared and headed into the port area somewhere.
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