Discovery & Artania in Flåm
My favourite Norwegian port of Flåm was our fourth port on the Discovery cruise on the 30th August 2012.  We would be docked at 7am but, rather differently, moving to anchor at 11am so Artania could take our place when she arrived for noon.  It was going to be a Princess love-in!  It would also be the second day running we had been in port with a former Royal Princess (Adonia in Stavanger was the other).  We went on dock after getting clearance since our departure time was 2pm so not as long as normal.  The weather was mainly dry with a few showers.
A change of coat and grab of laptop to try the port free wifi until it was time for her to move.  She moved about fifteen minutes late, so it was a good job Artania hadn't been early!  Thankfully the rain held off but the sun was dazzling, making Discovery look really gorgeous amongst the scenery.  It was strange watching her sail without us.
While chatting to a couple we'd met onboard, something white began to emerge in the distance.  The sun shone on Artania as she approached our girl but disappointingly there was no acknowledgement between the ships.  My friend, Dirk Steffan, was aboard Artania, and he told me there was a mention Discovery had been a Love Boat but hardly anyone was interested.  Dirk and I had known each other a couple of years now on Facebook and finally we got to meet, albeit briefly since I had to catch a tender.
The last tender had been advertised as 1pm, so I went for that one, giving us just twenty minutes.  Sometime they'd added half an hour.  Grrrr!  It was nice meeting Dirk though at long last!  There HAS to be a next time and longer.  As I returned to my ship it rained for a while.  Dirk would be doing a tour on the train later.
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