Deutschland, Voyager, Delphin, Oriana (II), Empress & Hamburg in à Coruña
Hamburg was the last to arrive for 1pm.  Once she was docking, I decided to make a start on getting some photos from the land somewhere.  Traffic was horrendous out and back but it was good seeing so many ships in.
Oriana was originally due to sail at 5pm but went fifteen minutes early.  The times for the rest of us changed, except Hamburg, which was scheduled for 8pm.  Empress was next at 5.15pm, us 5.30pm, Deutschland 6pm and Delphin 6.15pm.  We actually began to move first, with the aid of a tug, but the wind kept pushing us back alongside so Empress pulled out and we followed once one of her other tugs came to help us.  Hamburg tooted to us as we passed.
To see photos of Delphin, Hamburg and Empress in Leixões click, here.  The review of my cruise can be found here.

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