Deutschland, Voyager, Delphin, Oriana (II), Empress & Hamburg in à Coruña
The last port on my Voyager cruise before arriving in Portsmouth was à Coruña on the 2nd May 2014 and it was going to be crowded!  Usually when I was here it was just my ship but this time there would be six.  First to arrive was Deutschland, which was docked by the shopping centre  We were second but I could see Delphin and Oriana behind, but Delphin was so small it was hard to spot her at times.  Much to our surprise, Delphin sidled between us and Deutschland.  Normally, I would be glad to see Oriana, but she did appear when Delphin was putting on a more interesting show for everyone.  Once she was almost docked, I gave Oriana my attention before grabbing some breakfast between that and Empress arriving.


© Patricia Dempsey 2nd May 2014
Not to be reproduced
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