Celebrity Constellation & Celebrity Reflection in Le Havre
A meeting of old and new in Le Havre on the 14th October 2012 when the ten year old Celebrity Constellation shared a port with the new kid on the block, the two day old Celebrity Reflection.  Reflection was on her maiden voyage, having left Amsterdam two days previously and had been in Zeebrugge before bumping into her half-sibling.  I was on Constellation, booking this cruise specifically for the meeting with Eclipse in Southampton followed by this.  It wasn't the first time I had seen Reflection, though it was in daylight.  On the 17th September, while on Vision of the Seas, I saw her undergoing sea trials in the North Sea so it was nice to get a proper look at the enlarged Solstice class.  Connie led the way, due to dock at 7.30am with Reflection half an hour later but we were early.  The forecast rain had so far not materialised so it made taking photos of the new ship easier.
Then it was dock photos and it was a shame there was no way of getting them together.  The only way would be going into Le Havre but I was heading the other side of town to the railway station.  The rain was still holding off, which made me even happier.
And so time to leave.  We were staying overnight but Reflection was due to sail at midnight.  There was no movement and bang on the time she was meant to cast off, the rain came down and was heading right at the ships!  I was so pleased it stopped after about fifteen minutes and then. at 12.22am, the ropes began to go from Reflection, the last at 12.33am.  Silently she moved away and then she was gone.
To see a photo of Reflection, having her sea trail, click here.  Photos of Connie with Eclipse the previous day in Southampton can be found here.  To read the review of my cruise, click here.
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