Columbus 2 & Independence of the Seas in Lisbon
On the 3rd November 2012, my Independence of the Seas cruise made its second stop in the port of Lisbon.  This time we would not be alone as Columbus 2 had arrived the day before.  Columbus 2 was chartered by Hapag-Lloyd from April 2012 until April 2014 and better known as Insignia for Oceania Cruises.  She was a little hard to spot but the orange funnel stood out thankfully!
I was booked to do a boat trip and thankfully it was dry when we left.  We got up as far as Columbus 2 before heading back and towards Indy.  After we'd passed under the 25 Abril bridge, the heavens opened!  Indy was so big though you could see her from the road after we were back on the coach, first to do our panoramic tour, then it dried up again as we returned to the port.
Both of us were scheduled to sail at 6pm but as the hour passed, there was no movement from either.  Then around 6.13pm, my dad sent a text to let me know Columbus 2 moved on the AIS.  Looked like she would be first!  As she neared the bridge, we blew our horn.  I looked around and saw it nearing our mast.  For a while we were in tandem, Columbus 2 gradually dropping back so we took the lead into open water.  There was a sudden flash beside Columbus 2, which I hadn't realised until later I'd snapped, and short hoots, so I assume it was them dropping the pilot.
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