Le Diamant, MSC Opera, Jewel of the Seas, Boudicca, Oceana (II), Seven Seas Voyager & Caledonian Sky in Bergen
Bergen was the final port on my MSC Opera cruise and what a day it would be - SEVEN ships in, including us! Le Boréal was already there so leading the way was us followed by Boudicca, Jewel of the Seas, Seven Seas Voyager and Oceana.  By the time I got out onto the deck at the end of my corridor, Jewel had overtaken Bouddy while Oceana did likewise with Seven Seas Voyager.  It seemed odd since only us and Jewel had been due at 7am, the rest at 8am while Caledonian Sky would be late for the party at noon.
Once Jewel passed the bridge, I grabbed a quick buffet breakfast before returning to the deck.  I took a quick snap of her through the window then as I was taking some of Le Boréal, I noticed Bouddy was emerging from the direction of the bridge.  She was closely followed by the other two then she and Oceana split in two directions.  Which one to go to?????

© Patricia Dempsey 22nd June 2012
Not to be reproduced
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