Aurora & Celebrity Equinox in Vigo
The Celebrity Equinox cruise arrived in Vigo on the 12th August 2009.  We and Aurora were due for 8am.  I went on deck and after a while saw her in the distance behind us.  It was very windy despite the sun and difficult to keep the camera steady but once we slowed to dock it became easier to take photos of the gorgeous one.
Since she was running late, I was unable to stay to see her dock because I had to eat my (now cold) breakfast which was back in the cabin before going on an excursion.  After we returned I took a few shots of Equinox from the coach window before walking along the forward part of the ship (they'd blocked off the stern end).
Just as both ships had the same arrival time, I'd read Aurora was going to leave at 5pm, the same time as us.  I went up on deck ten minutes before and saw she was well on her way!  Bitch!  I was getting deju vu with the sun in my eyes, having had the same trouble when she left St Petersburg a month earlier.
So while Aurora was heading home, we would then continue on our repositioning to Rome, casting off to go to Lisbon.  The review of the Equinox cruise can be found here.
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© Patricia Dempsey 12th August 2009
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