Balmoral, AIDAmar & Azamara Journey in Le Havre
We arrived in Le Havre on the 28th May 2012 and would be joined by the brand new AIDAmar.  She is the latest of their 71,000grt ships and was christened in Hamburg on the 12th.  AIDAblu, AIDA luna and AIDAsol joined her in the Elbe before she set off on her maiden voyage.  We had overtaken her in the English Channel as we were due to arrive first.  After seeing AIDAblu head up to turn before coming back down in September 2011, I went to the stern to see her before returning forward.  Annoyingly they barred anyone from going forward even after we'd docked and the gangway had been lowered, so I had to stand back a bit before heading to the other side to get her docking.
After lunch, I made my way to the gangway.  It had said in the lift Deck 4 starboard forward but it was actually Deck 5 staboard aft!  It was pretty hot as I wandered around but annoying they stopped you going along the dock the previous year.  The fence ruins the shots!  I noticed they had the name wrong on the shuttle for the AIDA.  AIDAluna was actually at sea en route from Bergen to Hamburg!
Azamara Journey, it turned out, had been down the Seine at Rouen, having arrived for 8am on the 28th and left at 1pm that day.  Nice little bonus before we were both in Southampton the next day.  Despite the obstructed views, I knew I'd see something of her at least.  By now it was pretty breezy and chilly.
The review of my Balmoral cruise can be found here.  To see the photos of AIDAmar, in the Channel, click here.
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