AIDAblu (II) & Grand Princess in Le Havre
I was on Grand Princess when we arrived in Le Havre for 6am.  We were due to have company in the shape of AIDAblu, who was coming two hours later.  This was meant to be my first time seeing the newest of the Sphinx ships, only she had diverted to Southampton after Dover was closed due to bad weather a couple of weeks earlier!  However, this at least would be in daylight and hopefully dry!
I hadn't intended to go ashore for photos because of my back, knowing the mountaineering gangway of old!  However, I noticed this was fairly low so decided to before high tide hit.  You now have to go through the building to get out so no more walking along the dock to get your ship.  Apparently you still could in April.
Both ships were listed to sail at 8pm but we had to turn.  As we did, the AIDA slipped out despite passengers being late back.
To see photos of AIDAblu in Southampton, click here.  The review of my cruise can be found here.
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© Patricia Dempsey 19th September 2011
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