Ocean Majesty, Princess, Daphne, Mein Schiff, Black Prince (II) & Balmoral in Saint Petersburg
Our second day in St Petersburg on the 11th July 2009 while on Jewel of the Seas heralded some new ships.  Ocean Majesty and Princess Daphne were overnighters like us.  Balmoral was due for 8.30am with Black Prince half an hour later.  Unfortuately I had an excursion starting at 8am so was unable to be on deck to catch them.  As we drove out on the coach I spotted something ship-shaped in the haze but couldn't make out what it was.  When we returned I could see it was Mein Schiff.  For some reason that wasn't on my list but I'd have probably missed seeing her arrive too.  I couldn't see the Fred Olsens so hoped to spot them as we left.  Ocean Majesty was due to leave at 10pm according to the Page & Moy itinerary and head to Tallinn like us.  We and Daphne were for 6pm but due to our waiting for late excursion passengers, I had the pleasure of watching the little lady back up past the Tui, turn and sail out.  No hanging around for her.  Dead on time.
Ocean Majesty was peeking out in the part where Zenith had been the day before.  When we finally left fifty minutes late, I could see Black Prince in front of her.  Now all I needed was Balmoral!
There she was, the final elusive ship on my list - Balmoral!  I hadn't expected her to be berthed with Mein Schiff, but somewhere for the smaller ships.  I was glad to see her though.  St Petersburg mission accomplished!
I headed in after that to detangle my hair.  A shame about the sun being a problem yet again but apparently Jewel was always docked in that part.  To see photos of ships the previous day, click here.  Or to read the review of my cruise, click here.

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