Norwegian Epic, Celebrity Constellation, Eurodam & Allure of the Seas in St Thomas

Final port on my Celebrity Constellation cruise as we arrived in St. Thomas on the 14th December 2011.  We had been due to arrive for 8am but when I went on deck at 6.50am, we had almost finished docking!  Norwegian Epic with Ken MacLean was right behind us with Eurodam heading to the Crown Bay dock.  Allure of the Seas was due for 9am.  Allure I hadn't seen and is the biggest cruise ship in the world, beating Oasis by something like five inches.  She made her debut in December 2011.

Because I wasn't feeling well thanks to freezing air conditioning in tour buses and the ship over the previous few days, I went back to bed rather than wait for Allure.  Later, as I was meeting Ken MacLean and doing a tour like St. Maarten the day before, I went to fetch Carmel, who was on my table and would be coming with us.  From her Sky Suite, I could see Allure tucked up in the Crown Bay Dock.
The tour was terrible, but it could have been our driver.  It was one of those buses at the port since they rip you off for a taxi.  We did get to see the ships from time to time though from the road since we only made one actual stop where you could overlook them.  And, of course, there was on the way back to and inside the port which would be Connie and Epic at least.  For the first time, I noticed Connie's original name was still evident under the current ridiculous Celebrity prefixed one.  Put it back!!!!!!
Norwegian Epic was due to sail at 4pm with us and Eurodam an hour later while Allure was 6pm.  Epic cast off slowly and once all the ropes had been wound in, stayed put for a further six minutes before finally hitting the thrusters and moving away from the side.  As we moved, so did Eurodam and both she and Epic were visible once we were clear of the island.
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© Patricia Dempsey 14th December 2011
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