Queen Mary 2 & AIDAbella in Madeira
QM2 was due to in Madeira on the 8th December 2012 for 9.30am while AIDAbella (which I had in three ports a month prior), would be arriving for 10am.  The German ship was pretty close by the time I went out on the Observation Deck, as were we, both being early.  AIDAbella gave three parps to either signal going astern (which she didn't in November) or saluting us (we ignored).
The shuttle was free (unlike Royal Caribbean) and they dropped you near the marina (unlike Royal Caribbean).  As it was a different area of shops to when I was last there on Mary in November 2011, I had to get my bearings but she's a great beacon!  Once I recognised the area it was easy to go to my favourite spots (and most I could do with my back) for photos before walking back.
Our departure from Madeira was 5.30pm while AIDAbella wouldn't be leaving for a few more hours.  We slowly pulled away from the dock but disappointingly there was no horn battle between the two Carnival brands.
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