AIDAbella & Independence of the Seas in Tenerife
The second call Independence of the Seas made in the Canary Islands on the 6th November 2012 was Tenerife.  AIDAbella would be in with us again.  I didn't get up for our arrival since we were both 7am, but wish I had.  Instead it was dock photos before lunch while it was dry, although it tried to rain a couple of times and succeeded after lunch when I got some pictures from Indy.
Our departure was 6pm but AIDAbella was heading off two hours prior so I waited for her to go.  Thankfully it appeared the rain had finally buggered off but it didn't matter since I was mainly under cover on Indy's Prom deck.  The AIDA gave three loud parps, which meant I had to get off my bum, then slowly emerged around our big girl.
AIDAbella, seemed to be stalking us.  First of all in Gran Canaria the previous day, which photos of can be found here.  Then, despite sailing before us from Tenerife, we caught up with her at sea and those photos are, here.  Finally she followed us into Madeira and you can see those pictures here.  The review of my cruise is here.

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