Albatros (II) & Queen Mary 2 in Gran Canaria
On the 9th December 2012, my QM2 cruise arrived in Gran Canaria for the final stop in the Canary Islands.  Already in was the cutie, Albatros, which would be sailing at 11pm to our 6.30pm.  She used to be a semi-regular visitor to Southampton but hadn't been since 2010 so it was nice to see her again.  There was also a Belgian river boat, La Belle d`Adriatique alongside so they'd have had the sunlight blocked out by Mary.
Our departure time was 6.30pm but we moved off slightly earlier.  After out three blasts, Albatros gave us three but we didn't respond - booo!  It was a very nice evening as we sailed into open water to make our way to Lisbon.
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© Patricia Dempsey 9th December 2012
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