Sapphire Princess & Coral Princess
This review is written by Amy Blume.

On May 15th, 2007 the 116,000grt Sapphire Princess was in port at San Pedro with her sister Coral Princess who had arrived the day before.  Built in 2004, Sapphire is one of the square-backed Princess ships but without the aft "handle" of the other Grand Class Princess vessels.  The website had Coral Princess leaving today and as they go at four I went there straight from work and arrived just in time.  A similar room looks to be places just aft of the stack, but in a position that it doesn't make the ship look as much like a shopping trolley.  The debate on which is more attractive is up in the air.

Sapphire didn't sail at four pm as scheduled, nor did she sail at five pm.  I had to leave unfortunately but Patsy watching on the webcams assures me that she threw the first rope off ten minutes later and slipped her hawsers at five-thirty.  Coral was still there the next day and then they had her listed as staying until Friday.

For photos of
Coral in the day before with Monarch of the Seas and Amsterdam click here.

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