Island Princess (II) & Saga Ruby
This review is written by Amy Blume.

On March 27th, 2007 my stalking cohorts and I went down to the harbor to see Saga Ruby and Island Princess.  Saga Ruby and her sister Saga Rose are of great interest to me because they both used to be owned by the Cunard Line.  I love the mini liners of the Saga brand, so I was very interested in seeing her in person.  Ruby was on the last stretch of her world cruise on the way back to Southampton after visiting exotic locations.  She and her sister Saga Rose had just been in Sydney together to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Saga Cruises.  We went down to the harbor at 4pm to take the harbor cruise and get some good pictures of the little liner, but we were thwarted in our quest by the harbor cruises being closed on that day.  I started out at the pier taking photos of them at their berths.  Island Princess was parked at Pier 93 which afforded us these images while little Saga Ruby was parked around the corner at Pier 92.

I decided to watch the big Princess sail from the vantage point of Ports O'Call, which is just down channel from the cruise ship terminals.  Finally at 6pm (the scheduled departure time for Saga Ruby) Island Princess gave a blast and started to move.

Finally at 7:30 we could wait no more and had to pack it in.  I was sad to drive by the little ship still sitting in dock, but it was so cold believe it or not we couldn't stay any longer.

For pictures of
Saga Ruby and her sister Saga Rose's world cruise departure click here.

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