Queen Mary 2
This review is written by Toby Briggs.

February 4th, 2007.  After descending from a day on the ropes course at Fort Miley, I was met by a sea of cars parked haphazardly bumper to bumper.  My girlfriend had promised to meet me and this didn't bode well, except luckily I was being picked up by motorcycle, but why all the fuss?  The ocean of cars turned out to be a fan club for a sea going vessel, you guessed it, Queen Mary 2, as she gracefully (and barely) slid under the Golden Gate.  Wowzers!  A city of the ocean.  Maybe I was just swept up in the wave of excitement, but it was a sight to behold.  I now harbor a respect for all the hype (sorry Amy!) about ocean liners.


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© Toby Briggs 4th February & Amy Blume 10th July 2007
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