Queen Mary & Queen Mary 2

This review is written by Amy Blume.

On February 10th, 2009, Cunard's current flagship Queen Mary 2 arrived on her world cruise.  It was a little sad for me because this was the first year that I couldn't come down and see QE2 make the same arrival but it seemed like every ship geek in Los Angeles was looking forward to seeing her.  There were two boats chartered to watch her departure, the Rocket Boat out of Long Beach and the Spirit out of San Pedro.  Since the Rocket Boat was a fundraiser for the Steamship Historical Society of America's youth education program aboard QM I decided to take that charter.  The members of the group, some of us pictured in the following, had a great time discussing the differences and similarities of the two QMs as we whittled away our three hour cruise, culminating in the lovely five year old liner's departure from our home port.  As we departed Long Beach I couldn't resist a few snapshots of Queen Mary.

It took us about an hour to work our way around to the inside of the breakwater and then with great excitement it was time for the main event!  The little boat you can see passing us is the Spirit and the others admiring QM2 waving at us as we pass each other in front of the Queen.  Ships geeks of the world unite!
Phil Coultas who came with me on my ship watching expedition captured my buddies, Tom Nicoli and Chris Butler and I in mid-stalk - and then so did the San Pedro Port Police who kindly reminded us to maintain our distance from the imminently departing Queen.
We pulled out of QM2's way and watched her drop her lines and depart, sailing into a lovely Southern California sunset.
When the Queen was gone we went back to Long Beach.  Next year Cunard are taking their ships to San Francisco but Chris Butler told me they will be alternating and we will see them again in 2011.

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© Amy Blume 10th February 2009
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