Queen Elizabeth 2
This review is written by Amy Blume.

January 23rd, 2006, QE2 made her annual visit to Los Angeles.  This was a bitter sweet visit because my father was in hospital and couldn't come with us.  Once again a cold January morning, we made the journey down to San Pedro at dawn to see the Queen arrive in the darkness.  Our arrival at five-thirty we thought would be early enough to guarantee seeing her come into Land's End, which I have to this day never seen, for when we arrived on time as expected, she was already getting ready to turn into her berth!  

The first group of pictures are as she was on the way to luck berth 93, my personal favorite pier for ships to dock in Los Angeles harbor, since there is a great observation area of it.  After she finished docking we waited until dawn so I could take better pictures of her as the sun rose in San Pedro.
Having gone home for a nap, we returned an hour before ten, her departure time that she usually misses with aplomb so that we could make sure to be there.  She only blasted once as she began to be pulled away from the pier by her tugboats.  The photos of this didn't turn out unfortunately but if you look at the 2005 pictures at Land's End you'll have a good idea!
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