Queen Elizabeth 2 in LA 1985

This review is written by Amy Blume.

On January 26th, 1985, my father bundled up the family on a cool Los Angeles winter day to go down to San Pedro to see Cunard Line's Queen Elizabeth 2.  This was not the first time we had made this journey, but it was a notable one, because my father had been able to get a media pass through his job at the LA Times to board the ship.  I don't remember every last detail because I was only eight years old.  However, I was already deeply in love with this ship and the dream of someday sailing aboard her.  My mother pointed out the worn-looking furniture and carpets.  It is worth noticing that these photos were taken before QE2's major refit in October 1986.  Some of the rooms have original furniture, most rooms being unrecognizable.  Not only did she still have that now strange-looking skinny stack, but she was also still a steam ship.  So I can say I was on one of the last steam run ocean liners while she was still in service as such.

For photos of the original Island Princess, which was also in that day, click here.  Photos of LA favorite, Princess Louise, can be found here.


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