Island Princess (II) & Golden Princess (II)
I arrived in Los Angeles on the 21st March 2008 so missed Monarch of the Seas.  However I was able to see Island Princess and former Southampton regular Golden Princess.  On the plane I met several people who were going on Island, including the two Scottish ladies next to me.  But it was Val, John and Neville I ended up talking to the most and we even exchanged details during the flight.  I told everyone I would wave them off.  So after the usual touristy things, Amy drove us down to San Pedro for our first stalking together.
While we were down there, we came across an abandoned pit bull dog who had clearly had puppies not so long ago.  She was lying there in the corner, an empty bowl of water and some dog biscuits and treats still in their packets.  It was a really hot day and she looked in a bad way.  I had some water on my bag so poured a few drops in her mouth to get her attention then the rest in the bowl while Amy tried to get in touch with her friend first so she could call the animal rescue people then directly.  There was no answer so Amy ended up asking for the non-emergency police number.
The departures were both 4pm so we decided to go to Ports O'Call to see it.  First we checked on the dog and saw she was now upright and had drank her water.  Amy went to get her bottle from the car.  The poor thing was terrified of people.  We left some of the biscuits and treats near her then returned to the car.  On the way out, Amy mentioned the dog and they said they'd been chasing her all morning but she'd disappeared.  Nice to know they cared enough to get someone out to her(!)  Well half an hour later we decided to get back to where we'd been so there was a mad dash, hoping neither would go before we got there.  It would also give us a chance to see if anyone had been about the dog.
When we got back we saw the LAPD and an animal rescue van.  Amy drove over and the man said they couldn't find her so had called the LAPD to help.  We led the way to where we'd left her and she was gone but so was the food which was a good sign.  Then one of the cops spotted her heading for the Lane Victory.  The animal rescue man finally caught up with her but she was still frightened.  While he went to get his van, one of the cops kept an eye on her before she was lifted into the van and driven away, hopefully getting a new home.
Shortly before 5.10pm Island Princess finally cast off and began to move.  It was high time but ships wouldn't be ships if they weren't a pain in the bum.
We were about to head back to the car for the trip to Land's End to catch Island then wait for Golden only Golden had other ideas and began to cast her ropes so we stayed.
Now it was the mad rush to Land's End in the hope we'd beat Golden down there.  As there was a patrol car in the port having pulled over a driver, Amy cursed she couldn't speed.
We made it as she was fairly close.  Island was still in view thankfully.  This was my first encounter with the perilous rocks.  What idiot put them in so they're loose?  Haven't they heard of firmly affixing them so you don't break your neck?  Some were but the ones surrounding those weren't.
Last stop was the Cabrillo Pier to see them sail into the Pacific.  It was getting a bit chilly by then and the waves were crashing against the sea wall.  It's a good place to see them and a bit like Calshot but with a beach instead of shingle.
Island was heading to Fort Lauderdale via the Panama Canal while Golden was doing the Mexican Riviera and we'd see her again in Mazatlan four days later.

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© Patricia Dempsey 22nd March 2008
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