Pride of Hawai'i/Norwegian Jade & Monarch of the Seas

This review is written by Amy Blume.

On Saturday, February 15th, 2008, I made what would be my last pilgrimage to the Port of LA to see the conversion of Pride of Hawai'i to Norwegian Jade.  It was with some astonishment that I now her Hawai'i hull art was now gone.  All that remained of the Hawai'ian motif was around the boat deck, as you can see on the first photo below.  They had turned her around to finish painting out her sides, so I went down to the fire station to try to get a picture of her aft, since the harbor cruises weren't going for some reason.  This was the best image I was able to capture.  Then it was over to Ports O'Call to get an image of her at that angle.  The ship is parked in 93 round the corner is Monarch of the Seas.  The NCL stack was still very much in action on Pride of Jade, as we'll call her, with its American flag motif, but the sign that used to read Pride of Hawai'i underneath the stack has now been turned around so that it's blank.  Over at the berth 93 observation area you could still see a little painter guy working on the name on her port bow.  While we were there he finished his work.  Personally I think she looks wonderful naked like this in comparison to the hideous hull art but that's just my opinion.

Unable to resist such a pretty opportunity, the following are a couple of shots of Monarch of the Seas which will leave Los Angeles in October for Miami after many years based here.  We will miss her.
Norwegian Jade sailed on the 16th to Miami where she would head to Barcelona.  From there she will undergo dry docking in Cadiz to complete the transformation.  For pictures of her as Pride of Hawai'i arriving after her farewell cruise click here.
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© Amy Blume 15th February 2008
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