Pride of Hawai'i & Golden Princess (II)
This review is written by Amy Blume.

On Saturday, February 9th, 2008, Pride of Hawai'i came into the Port of Los Angeles to undergo conversion to Norwegian Jade.  The second of four near-identical 93,500grt ships for Norwegian Cruise Line, she was part of the brand new venture, NCL America, cruising the Hawai'ian islands with a US crew and flag, joining Pride of Aloha and newbuild Pride of America.  After a naming ceremony on May 20th, 2006 in Los Angeles, she had an inaugural sailing to Honolulu, entering service proper on June 5th.  A mere eleven months later NCL announced she was such a success they would be temporarily withdrawing her.  She would be reflagged, her name changed to Norwegian Jade and would cruise out of Barcelona and Southampton during the summer of 2008.  Her final voyage for NCLA departed Honolulu on February 4th.  It seems like the experiment of an all-American line is going to end now as just two days after the arrival of Hawai'i, NCL announced the withdrawal of Pride of
.  She would be moving back across to NCL as Norwegian Sky, effective from May.  So it was enough of an interesting event to draw me (and my accommodating husband) down to San Pedro at 6am to see Pride of Hawai'i and Golden Princess arrive.

As we made our way down to the on-ramp it became immediately clear that we almost hadn't gotten there early enough.  Apparently a 7am arrival means being at the breakwater at least at 5am.  Regardless it was really too dark for photography as you can see.  Then it was the Princess surprising us as Hawai'i went out of sight behind us to the turning circle.
She docked in 91/92 which would be her home for the next week while they set to work.  To see photos of her half-Pride of Hawai'i, half-Norwegian Jade, click here.  Coming soon will be photos of her departure under her new name. To see her complete as Norwegian Jade for her first cruise from Southampton, click here.

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© Amy Blume 9th February 2008
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