This review is written by Amy Blume.

On April 23rd 2006, my sister, my mother and myself were down in San Diego for a Folk Festival and I noticed that two Dams were in that weekend and I had never been down to the Port of San Diego. We only got to go down on Saturday when Oosterdam was in, but it was great fun because not only was Oosterdam very beautiful (for a clone) but the Port of San Diego is a great place to watch ships.You can stand right under the prow of the ship and then go eat at a good seafood place next door that has huge picture windows so you can eat and look at the ships.  That's what we did after taking a few pictures outside and we actually watched her sail from the inside of the restaurant.  Thankfully they have clean windows!

I will definitely go out of my way to see something I liked at the Port of San Diego in the future.

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© Amy Blume 23rd April 2006
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