Monarch of the Seas & Regal Princess (I) Farewell Cruise
This review is written by Amy Blume.

On Friday August 31st, 2007, Regal Princess made her last call under that name in the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, before she sailed to Australia to become P&O Australia's Pacific Dawn.  Regal and her sister Crown Princess (I), which is currently operating as Ocean Village Two, have a unique profile.  The ships' rounded bridge giving her the sense of being related to modern aircraft that supplanted ocran liners in the middle of the last century.  It's an interesting design that takes getting used to, but Regal and Ocean Village Two are a breath of fresh air at a time when so much of the current tonnage looks the same.  Regal was supposed to sail at 4pm to be followed by the seemingly omnipresent Monarch of the Seas at the usual time of 5pm.  However, 4pm came and went and with no hint of movement from either vessel, we decided to hop on the Fiesta harbor cruise just in case anything went amiss with the schedule.  

I was a little angry that the ship was so rusty.  I hate it when companies defer maintenance because they have some transition coming up and don't want to "bother" wasting the money.  Deferred maintenance is bad for the ship - rust should always be controlled - and I think it devalues the cruise for the people who have paid for it, regardless of what is going on with the ships' future.  Waiting for her departure was LA Fireboat #2.  I started to become very excited that they would put on a great show for us as she departed for the last time.
A Met Life blimp flying overhead, MOTS sailed out into an unusually dark LA sunset.  We didn't get to follow her to Land's End that day, but left happy knowing that there would be more oppotunities in the future.
We noticed as we disembarked, that the fireboats had moved out of the way of Monarch of the Seas.  Moments later we heard the eight bells coming from Regal Princess!  She had just started her muster drill!  About ten after 5pm, Monarch gave a huge belch from her stack and gave us three blasts before backing out of her berth.
Once Monarch had passed, blowing her customary single whistle salute at Ports O'Call, we watched sadly as the little fireboats moved back toward their station.  Finally at six o'clock we also gave up, wished the pretty Princess good weather and good luck with her new career.  For more information and photos of Regal Princess, click here.
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© Amy Blume 31st August 2007
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