Norwegian Star (II), Golden Princess (II) & Crystal Serenity
On January 19, 2008, Jason and I headed down to San Pedro to see Golden Princess, Crystal Serenity and Norwegian Star.  Crystal Serenity was beginning her world cruise which would end at Southampton in May.   The 91,000grt Norwegian Star had her maiden voyage in 2001.  Even though this was the first time I'd seen her she is a regular sight in San Pedro.  We decided to start by heading over to the World Cruise Terminal Park to take some pictures of Golden Princess in dock and get an aft shot of Crystal Serenity.
After getting our fill of the ships from that vantage point we decided to try to get a harbor cruise in.  It was very busy on this weekend day down in Ports O'Call so the boat was full off lookie-loos feeding the pigeons.  Normally I don't mind a few birds but since they were feeding them potato chips we were being attacked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock film.  It was very close to sailing time and I began to get worried as we were out of sight of the terminal we might miss the ships.  But no sooner had we turned the corner did we see barreling down upon us Norwegian Star.
Almost immediately upon us just after was the Golden Princess.  The small catamaran that passes her in these first few images is the Catalina Express, the fast Catalina ferry.
Then it was time for the ship that I considered the real beauty of the evening, Crystal Serenity.
All in all it was a very satisfying excursion to the port.  We tried to stay for the departure of Crystal Serenity, but once she had missed her departure by over an hour, and since my camera takes horrible night pictures, we decided to call it a day and go to our favorite San Pedro pub, The Whale & Ale.  As we turned down 7th Street I nearly crashed my car because we were heading right for her stack as she had finally decided to sail.  Oh well, maybe next time!

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© Amy Blume 19th January 2008
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