Monarch of the Seas, Amsterdam (III) & Coral Princess
This review is written by Amy Blume.

On May 14th, 2007 San Pedro welcomed a trip of ocean going ladies. Parked in her usual at Pier 93 wasMonarch of the Seas.  Around the corner at 92 and 81 respectively were the 91,000grt Coral Princess (sister of Island Princess) and Holland America's 61,000grt Amsterdam which had her maiden voyage in 2000.  Coral Princess was supposed to leave at four but apparently rescheduled to stay in port for that day.  In fact she was there until Friday when she left for Vancouver, so we were early for the five and six pm departures of the other two ships.  If the port website had listed her all week at the time we wouldn't have gone so early.  So we climbed aboard our favorite harbor tour ship, Fiesta, and took some fun shots of the three ships in port.  

Can you see all the little people doing their emergency muster?  Awe!  They look so good in orange!
At a little after five we heard our first horn but nothing happened for a while.  Finally Monarch gave a few more blasts and was off!  She backed out into the turning circle under the bridge and headed our way!
As Monarch came past Ports O'Call she blasted us and we waved at her!  No sooner was she past us than we heard one toot from the HAL and Amsterdam was away for the turning circle.
It took Amsterdam a long time to get turned around.  At one point she disappeared from view entirely.  Finally she returned at speed to pass Coral and when she came abreast of her Carnival Corp. fleet-mate the two ships exchanged a flurry of whistles.  Amsterdam passed us at Ports O'Call and we walked to our car to get her at Land's End.  I hurried there but she was almost past us by the time I parked and leapt out the car!  She was silent as she sailed into the sunset.

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© Amy Blume 14th May 2007
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