Seven Seas Voyager in Fremantle
The 11th February 2006 while in Perth was the start of my holiday ship stalking.  The friend I was visiting had agreed to indulge me and we had planned driving the 30 minutes to Fremantle for the sailing of the then Radisson owned 50,000grt Seven Seas Voyager (now owned by Regent).  But that morning I had an unexpected bonus.  As she was listed as arriving for 8am (I found out later the arrival times were actually when the pilot boat went out) we continued with our plans to visit Rottnest Island so imagine my surprise when, as we pulled out of Rous Head into the inner harbour to pick up more passengers just after 9am, there she was coming around the point!  We didn't go until after 9.30 so were able to see her dock.  My Australian friend Juanita mocked my love of ships but couldn't resist taking a photo herself! Please excuse the hair on some of the pics.  It was due to the wind.
At 9.30pm, having picked up the remaining passengers, we set sail for Rottnest Island.  I tried to get photos each time I saw her but it was increasingly difficult as we picked up speed.
When we got back we picked up the car and headed towards the port for the departure.  Traffic wasn't too bad and it was a lovely day for it.
Not content with arriving late, she also left early.  Awkward ship for a mere three-year-old!  It was meant to be 8pm but two of her bow mooring ropes were off by 7.30pm and she was moving at 7.35pm. She gave two normal blasts then a long one.  These night shots are better than at home, probably because we were much closer.

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© Patricia Dempsey 11th February & 19th May 2006
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