Regal Princess (II) - 4-Day Summer Seacation
Our final sea day on the 6th and after a late morning, we had breakfast from the International Cafe in the Piazza.  My dad then chatted to Maureen while I too photos of the Love Boat naming things then we went up to the Seawalk while the steward did the cabin  It is pretty daunting the first time you do it.  I'm afraid of heights but once I'd managed it during Royal's maiden, it became a doddle.  My dad needed a few more attempts before he would find it easier.  Back to the cabin and enjoying the weather for a while.  More room service lunch after another turn as we continued tootling about.  Sorted the packing and had a nap then went to dinner.  We were on the same table as the previous night, Maureen remembering the aircon above her.  Back to the cabin to put the case out.  I had planned an early night but ships put pay to that as Anthem of the Seas and MSC Virtuosa were also heading to Southampton while Celebrity Silhouette and Queen Elizabeth were sailing from the port and Scarlet Lady was outbound from Portsmouth several hours late.  Once that was done, I finally went to bed!
And do the final morning began with an early start for the ships.  Anthem of the Seas was up ahead, MSC Virtuosa still behind and Disney Magic outbound, having sailed late.  They didn't deliver a final statement so I went to Guest Services to get one.  Golden Horizon was anchored off the Isle of Wight and Iona in Southampton ready to board her first fare-paying passengers.  The weather was horrible after a mostly nice cruise.  We went to Horizon Court for breakfast then back to the cabin to wait until it was time to go to Crooners for disembarkation.  Although there was no priority, they said, for Platinum and Elite, they still provided a lounge.
Disembarkation was pretty smooth.  Although our time was 8.10am and a Platinum bloke on his own was 9am, we were all told to just go before 8am so in the lift and down to Deck 5.  There was no queue for taxis, which was unusual.  Despite it being a replacement cruise for Marco Polo, it had been a very good one  My dad had said the night before he didn't want to leave, which was a first!  I had been worried he would find Regal too big (his largest until them was Queen Elizabeth) but he didn't really.  The restrictions didn't really spoil anything, although my dad is mask exempt on land so did struggle a bit when it was on for more than a few minutes.  Very quickly after being back onboard it was like we'd never been away.  I would definitely do another in these times but hope things are back to normal soon.

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