Queen Elizabeth (II) - Guernsey Short Break

Le Havre, one port I can't stand getting off due to the gangway.  We docked starboard, complete with the aid of two tugs as it was still very windy.  Breakfast was room service again followed by sleep since neither of us were going ashore.  We went to the Golden Lion for lunch, putting the disembarkation tags in the cabin en route, and saw my friend Lesley and her husband Albert.  We tried again for the afternoon tea, which once again began earlier than scheduled, but this time we had a table.  The piano player wasn't even there until 3.30pm.  My dad much preferred it to P&O.

Sailaway was 5.30pm and with two tugs again, we moved off to turn then headed out to the open sea.  It would be a busy evening.  Cases out by midnight, which is why they should stop making men wear shirts and jackets on the last night.  We had been invited for cocktails with Lesley and Albert to see their Q4 suite, which was very nice.  Then the Verandah at 7.15pm to see what it was like now as a steakhouse.  I had not been impressed in 2016 by poor service and awful food.  Thankfully, things had vastly improved.  We didn't stay for dessert as the afternoon tea and canapes in Lesley's suite had filled us up but I'd definitely book it again. Sunset was lovely through the window and the ferry Mont Saint Michel was heading inbound.

It was supposed to be an early night, what with the early start in the morning, but things never work out that way.  Sapphire Princess and Britannia were heading our way outbound from Southampton, so I went on deck.  Sapphire I missed just like the day before but could just make out Britannia a while later.  The wind was horrendous for trying to take photos.  I watched some of the second show by The Rewind Project in the Queens Room afterwards.  Mary should have been around there but didn't pass Dover until about until 10.30pm UK time so finally caught up with us after pelting at 24 knots just before 2am.  It was worth being blown about, walking through a wind tunnel in puddles as they cleaned the Promenade deck and pulling a muscle in my back trying to get in as the wind was determined to keep the door firmly shut to see her.  Then finally bed!

Home!  We followed the other two in, Mary in front with Vicky between us.  Celebrity Silhouette had beaten us all in while Oriana had been there for two days, having ended her P&O career.  Some twat said to his mate, "That looks like the Queen Mary" but they didn't think it was.  Err...  It says it on her bow, by the funnel and bum!  My dad couldn't find his way to the Lido deck so decided to have breakfast and I could find him there.  I was very impressed Cunard had jalapeño and chilli in their sausages.  That certainly helps you wake up.  Then we collected the hand luggage and went to deck 3 of the Britannia Restaurant to wait for priority disembarkation.
My dad's first Cunard trip was over.  Disembarkation was so fast.  We were off the ship by 8am.  It had been an excellent cruise and my dad enjoyed it apart from the shirt and jacket nightly.  He wants to do a longer one but as he can't fly due to health issues, the itineraries are limited all the while Cunard keep this one the other side of the world.

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