Armchair Theatre - Go On, It'll Do You Good
Armchair Theatre - Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width (18th February 1967) (60 mins)
As Time Goes By
Benny Hill - Cry of Innocence (BBC 1962)
Benny Hill - Mr Apollo (BBC 1963)
(TV debut)
City '68 - Love Thy Neighbour
Cluff - The Convict
Comedy Playhouse - A Clerical Error
Comedy Playhouse - Home From Home
Comedy Playhouse - Impasse
Conceptions of Murder: Peter and Maria

Corrigan Blake - The Removal Men
Diary of a Young Man
Dixon of Dock Green - Child Hunt
Dixon of Dock Green - Forsaking All Others
Dixon of Dock Green - The Night Man
Dixon of Dock Green - The Reluctant Witness
Dixon of Dock Green - You Can't Buy A
Frankenstein: The True Story (US mini-series)
(beginning of first part)
Frankie Howerd (1965)
George and Mildred
George and the Dragon - Merry Christmas
Give Us A Clue
(herself x 3)
Harty (herself)
ITV Playhouse - Your Name's Not God, It's Edgar
Jason King - If It's Got To Go, It's Got To Go!
Man About The House
(herself) (broadcast 5 months after her
A Measure of Malice
Me Mammy

No Hiding Place - Ask Me If I Killed Her (1966)

Nobody Does It Like Marti
On The Buses - The Allowance
Our House
(herself) (quiz)
Play of the Month - Maigret at Bay
Redcap - A Town Called Love
Seven of One - Open All Hours
Six Of One - Charlie's Place (ATV)
Steptoe and Son - A Box In Town
Steptoe and Son - The Bath
Tales From Lazy Acre
Tarbuck's Luck
Tell Me Another
The Avengers - Something Nasty In The Nursery
The Dick Emery Show (1973)
The Fenn Street Gang - The Woman For Dennis
The Miss Thames Beauty Contest
The Wednesday Play - An Officer of the Court
The Wednesday Play - Little Master Mind
The Wednesday Play - The Confidence Course
The Wednesday Play - The Portsmouth Defence
The Wednesday Thriller - The Babysitter
The Saint - The Russian Prisoner
The TV Times Top Ten Awards
The Victoria Line
Thirty Minute Theatre - Teeth
Those Wonderful TV Times
(herself) (quiz)
Turn Out The Lights - A Big Hand For A Little
What's On
(herself with Brian Murphy)
W. Somerset Maugham - Lord Mandrago
Z-Cars - First Foot
Z-Cars - Full Remission
Z-Cars - The Main Chance


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