Awards Acceptance Speeches

TV Times Best Actress (2-1-90)
I can't stress enough how absolutely thrilled I am to recieve the Best Actress award.  It will be framed and go on the wall
at home next to the award Oracle viewers gave me last year.  That was the first award I had won so I really treasure it.  
Playing Rita through the wonderful Street storylines has been very moving - and I know from the heart-breaking letters I
recieve other women have suffered like her.  Now I hope Rita has happier times coming her way - she deserves them  
To the viewers I say the biggest possible thank you.

Oracle Best Actress (2-2-90)
Ladies and gentlemen, I can hardly speak.  I didn't know I was in such good...excuse me...good company.  Dear TV
Times viewers that voted for me, you've taken by breath away.  Thank you.  I think I'd rather face Alan Bradley than this
evening.  I really wouldn't be here at all if it wasn't for Coronation Street.  And the wonderful storyline that they gave me.  
So thank you to the storyline writers, the writers, the directors and my mates up there.  My friends and collegues in the
programme who worked so hard, and have been championing me all the way through it and saying good things to me.  
Thank you all very much.  And a very very special thank you to the best villain on TV, which is Mark Eden.  A very
special thank you, Mark.  And once again to you, TV Times voters, thank you.  And given half a chance,
I'll work twice as
hard next year.  God bless you.

British Soap Awards 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award (12-5-04)
Oh.  Oh.  Ladies and gentlemen, you'll have to give me a moment to gather myself.  My heart is pounding.  You have it
all in your head, and I can't even think of my own name.  Thank you.  Thank you, one and all.  When I look at those clips
I...I can't believe I was ever that young.  Or thin!  I-I feel as if I've gone full circle 'cause I started off playing Mrs Bates,
looking after Harry Bates's children.  And now we've got the delightful Chesney in my life who is so fabulous.  I look at
that little elfin face, and I say my lines and he says, "Barbara, you've said the wrong line."  And the partners I've had.  
Look at Thelma.  Thelma Barlow.  25 years we worked together, man and boy.  I don't think there was a day went by
when we didn't laugh.  And now they've given me another partner.  The wonderful, the very talented, the very funny, Mr
Malcolm Hebden.  My darling friend [Roy Barraclough].  Forty years.  Don't be stupid.  I'm only 39.  Malcolm and I worked
tog...  Er...  Not Malcolm.  What are you called now?  Roy.  We worked together in rep.  We had a wonderful relationship.
 We had a wonderful relationship in the Street.  And we're the greatest of friends.  Even now.  I hope forever and ever.  
And I'm thrilled that it was Roy that gave me this.  And I'm thrilled to be stood here.  I have to tell you this, I mean this
most sincerely, is a supreme moment in my life.  I'd like to think, when they're putting the lid on me, I'll be thinking of this
evening.  To my adorable family, and all my family and friends.  And especially Coronation Street, for the opportunity, I
do thank you.  Good night.  God bless.


1977 Interview
I imagine Mullaney is Irish, although I'm not.  But it is my real name.  I would have preferred something more glamorous
like de Havilland.

Reading Descriptions Of The Find The Coronation Street Cat Nominees 1989
Cat-egory....Purrr-sonality.  Did you get that, folks?....Purrr-former....Cat-egory....We don't want a cat-astrophe, do we?  
I'm doing me best!

1990s Interviews On Seeing Clips Of Herself From The Past
The years are not kind, are they?  Oh dear.  Oh dear.  You know, it's like...  When you're in something like this after a
long time, it's like watching a moving picture of Dorian Gray.

1975 Interview
I'm no Shirley Bassey, but I love singing.

On Pat Phoenix 17-9-86
There was always one think I shall always treasure about Pat.  That was the lovely memory of how she came into
rehearsal.  She made sure she looked like a film star every single day.  She was born to be a star - being glamorous
came naturally to her.  There was something about her that made people sit up and take notice.  I shall always miss her.

On her job
Sometimes, I arrive home so tired and think: "I just can't go on with this", then I'll say: "Put some more hot water in the
bath - you're a lucky cow."

On Mark Eden
It was also a joy to have Mark Eden playing Alan Bradley too.  All his moods came from inside and he used his eyes to
express himself.  I used to say afterwards: "You are terrifying me!"

On Rita
I love Rita.  She is gutsy.  She used to be flighty in nightclubs, but she couldn't have carried on like that all her life.  Rita
is such a real woman.

On her early career
I was in so many pilot shows they called me 'Pontius'.

On Ted Sullivan's death
This is a great challenge actually, because, you know, the viewers will have seen me cry.  But now there's going to be a
different sort of crying.  A different sort of grief.

On spoilers
I'm as fascinated as anyone by how it's all going to work out and I hate it when episodes are leaked to the press.  It
spoils so much pleasure for the viewers, who are so loyal.

On her background
Very ordinary, working class people, that had ambitions for me to better...  My mother worked in the mill.  She didn't want
me to go to the mill naturally, you know?  She wanted me to do better.  She never wanted me to go on the stage.  I tell
people that I saw myself as Shirley Temple, you know?  I thought I was an entertainer from being this high.  I don't know
why.  Nobody else in the family.  But I wanted to go on the stage.  My mother had a vision of me being Milly Molly Mandy.
 The hair was cut like this, and the fringe, and I went to the Brownies, and we did things as families, and very ordinary.  
And I wanted the glamour.  So I had a very, I think I had a typical childhood of what was about in those [cough] those
years.  I won't say what year.  Nineteen hundred and plonk.  Yes, I did.  I came from a very ordinary background.

On being recognised
I do my best not to be recognised.  That sounds terrible and ungrateful.  I don't mean that at all.  It is...  There are times
when you rush out in your lunch hour just to get something for your supper.  So I invariably, you've all seen me, I've
become quite well known around Manchester, in my disguise with the fur hat on.  So, I do everything and they still say:
"Hello, Rita.  Hello."  Make no difference.  I go out without make-up on, and the scarf on and they say: "Hello, love.  
Rita!"  So there is no escaping it, is there?
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