Goodbye, Mr Chips (1969) (Uncredited dancer)

A Family at War - The Lost Ones (29th December 1971)
Comedy Playhouse - Don't Ring Us, We'll Ring You (29th July 1970)
Coronation Street (27th November 1964/February 1972-)
Emergency: Ward 10 (????)
George and the Dragon - Gabrielle's Birthday ( 10th October 1968)
Girls About Town (????) (Thames pilot)
Mrs Thursday - Springtime for Hunter (16th November 1967) (pilot)
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1971)
The Dustbinmen (30th September 1969)
The Man in Room 17 - Up Against a Brick Wall (20th August 1965)

All Our Yesterdays (1988) (herself)
An Audience with Bob Monkhouse (1994) (herself)
An Audience with Shirley Bassey (21st October 1995)
Bafta (1989)
British Soap Awards (12th May 2004) (herself)
British Soap Awards After-Show Party (12th May 2004) (herself)
British Soap Awards Arrivals Show (12th May 2004) (herself)
British Soap Awards (24th May 2006) (herself)
British Soap Awards After-Show Party (24th May 2006) (herself)
Coronation Street 1989 video (herself linking)
Coronation Street Cruise spin-off video (1995)
Coronation Street - 50 Years, 50 Moments (December 2010)
Coronation Street Party (17th December 1995) (herself)
Coronation Street - The Big 50 (10th December 2010) (herself)
Deirdre and Me (1991) (herself)
Give Us A Clue (7th March 1991) (herself)
Give Us A Clue (8th March 1991) (herself)
Going Live (1989) (herself)
Goodbye Granadaland (15th June 2013) (herself)
Happy Birthday Bafta (7th October 2007) (herself)
Happy Birthday Coronation Street (9th December 1990) (herself)
ITN News (17th September 1986) (herself giving a tribute about Pat Phoenix)
ITV Evening News (3rd November 2010) (herself)
ITV Lunchtime News (4th February 2010) (herself)
Ken Dodd Show (????) (herself)
Killer Corrie trailer (2002)
Live From Coronation Street (1989)
Lorraine (19th September 2012) (herself)
Lorraine (12th September 2013) (herself)
Love Thy Neighbour (1972)
National Television Awards (October 1988)
On The Street Where I Live (1973) (LP)
One-Woman Show at the Barbican Theatre (6th June 1992)
Paul O'Grady Live (5th November 2010)
Stars and Their Lives - Amanda Barrie (2001) (herself)
Street Talk (1995) (audio cassette as Rita Sullivan)
Sunday Comedy Half Hour (BBC Radio)
Sunday Show (1997)
Sunday Sunday (1989) (herself)
The Boyfriend (play)
The Gingerbread Girl (play)
The New (1991) (herself)
The Webster's Family Album (2007) (herself)
This is Your Life - Thelma Barlow (13th November 1991) (herself)
This Morning (9th March 1989) (herself)
This Morning (3rd December 1990) (herself)
This Morning (5th June 1992) (herself)
This Morning (23rd May 1994) (herself)
This Morning (5th September 1997) (herself)
This Morning (31st May 2012) (herself)
This Morning (3rd October 2013) (herself)
This Morning Coronation Street Special (15th March 1999) (herself)
The Royal Variety Club Awards (6th February 1990) (herself)
The Royal Variety Performance (25th November 1989) (herself)
Those Wonderful TV Times (1976) (herself)
TV Times Top 10 Awards (2nd January 1990) (herself)
Wogan (24th April 2002) (herself)

Oracle Teletext Best Actress (1989)
Oracle Teletext Best Actress (1990)
TV Times Best Actress (1990)
British Soap Awards Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)
British Soap Awards Best Partnership (with Malcolm Hebden) (2006)
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