Queen Elizabeth (II), Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 & Saga Sapphire
An originally unscheduled Three Queens event on the 10th January 2016.  Sometime during 2015, Vicky's world cruise departure on the 3rd was changed to 10th and a seven night cruise to Copenhagen and Hamburg added.  This would be the tenth time all three in Cunard's fleet met (beginning 2008 when QE2 was still in service and airbrushed from Cunard history) and the sixth in their home port.  Betty and Vicky were both due to arrive at 6am with Mary fifteen minutes later and all down to sail at 6pm with fireworks  Saga Sapphire was going to be in berth 102, in front of Vicky and due 8am then 7am and finally 7.30am but like Vicky and Mary, she was late.  We were the only ones on time.  She was down to sail first at 4pm.  Out on Betty's Prom deck from the Nab Tower, it was pretty windy and cold with a thunderstorm over the Isle of Wight and occasional squalls which made Mary disappear.  We ended up having the tug Alma helping us while Vicky got Ferriby.  I had breakfast while Mary was docking then went to the Lido deck for Sapphy's arrival with tug Wyestorm.  It was so bitterly cold I was shivering so got some skew-whiff photos.  After disembarking at 8.30am, we walked along to Mayflower Park, getting photos of the ships en route.


© Patricia Dempsey 10th January 2016
Not to be reproduced without permission