Black Watch (III) & MSC Orchestra Southampton Debut
We were only meant to have one ship on the 28th April 2011 when MSC Orchestra made her debut visit.  Black Watch was still in Mayflower, having been due to sail the previous evening but had developed engine trouble.  Orchestra was the one I froze for because yet again it was bitterly cold in the wind.  She was in Barcelona last October when I flew out to join Celebrity Constellation, but, thanks to our flight being late, she was gone by the time I arrived.  She was schedule to arrive for 8am but the VTS said it would be half an hour earlier so we caught the first bus and chatted to Michael as she was nearing.  It was obvious she would be there for the original time.  Could've got up a bit later - grrr!  Orchestra is the second in the Musica class, weighing 92,409grt or 89,600grt depending on what you read, and entered service in 2007.  
It was too cold to stay to see her dock so we went for the bus.  If Black Watch left at the revised 3pm, we would have gone back down but it was changed again to 7pm.  Orchestra cast off before 4pm, blasting three times - bugger!  I got a couple of photos as she passed the house though.
Black Watch was still listed for 7pm.  I hope she'll be gone before Vision of the Seas wants to go to bed in the morning!  Mind you, I do love ship problems so half-hope she doesn't go!  To see a video of Orchestra arriving, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 27th April 2011
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