Queen Elizabeth (II) & Queen Victoria
Round Two!  Queen Victoria left Hamburg after her refit just before 8am on the 13th December 2010, due back for originally 5pm on the 14th but changed to 2pm after the departure, and was docking at Mayflower.  Slight problem - Queen Elizabeth was already in it!  Talk about dozy planning!  Artemis was in City Terminal.  So QV picked up the pilot at around 2pm and then decided to do compass adjustments.  Huh????  Then she headed to Charlie Anchorage for machinery trials.  Shouldn't these have been done BEFORE getting too far from Hamburg in case she went pop?  Talk about time wasting to have a passing after freeing the berth when it would have been much simpler to stick QV in Ocean or QEII, especially after QE's departure time was put back to 5.15pm and she had to turn around to boot holding everyone up.  Well at this point, as Artemis left ten minutes late, I changed my mind about freezing since the Vista Sisters were being pains in the dented bum.  Around ten to five, QV upped props and slow-tailed it towards Southampton Water.  By the time we got down, there was absolutely no sign of Artemis but QE was turning while Artemis was practically snogging QV off Cowes.  QE was silent as she came out but two bloody annoying women seeing someone off weren't.  They were waving around a torch so the beam hit anything passing!
Just before 6.20pm, QV came into view as she passed Calshot and neared Fawley and within a few minutes they passed each other.  Blasting was pretty crap with one blasting three times then a long pause before another three.  That was it.  Hardly worth moving their fingers on the bridge!
And since it had got colder, we called it a night and managed to get the bus home.  To see photos of their first meeting when QV went to refit, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 14th December 2010
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