AIDAaura & Ocean Majesty
An early start on the 28th August 2008 for an uncooperative pair!  Originally AIDAaura was due for 9.30am with Ocean Majesty at 8am.  Then the AIDA was brought forward to 8.30am.  In the morning it was the original time while Ocean Majesty, several hours behind despite arriving via the Needles, hadn't been changed.  They did eventually amend it to 10.30am  ARGH!!!!  Could've had an extra hour in bed! AIDA ships are a very rare sight in Southampton.  This 42,289grt ship debuted in 2003 when they still belonged to P&O.  Since the Carnival takeover they are now run in Italy by Costa and registered there. About 7.20am we saw her coming around Calshot and as she made her way up towards Western Docks and Mayflower Terminal, we were chatting to street cleaner Michael about ships and he plugged the site without realising it was mine.  It's nice to meet someone who looks at it.  That makes it worthwhile.  Michael, you should be our PR man!
Being only an ickle baby, there was no chance of seeing Ocean Majesty at Calshot but at 9.30am we could just see her coming around Fawley.  By now Michael was long gone and we were still basically the only people there bar the usual.  One man took a couple of pics then drove off.
The tug detached itself and most of her ropes were on by 10.15am so we decided to call it a day.  Her departure time was put back an hour to 5pm while AIDAaura sailed at 8.15pm and looked gorgeous all lit up.  I hope they bring an AIDA ship back soon.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th August 2008
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