Oriana (II), Sea Princess (II) & Oceana (II)
The 1st September 2007 had three beauties in. Oriana was in QEII, Sea Princess in Cityl and Oceana in Mayflower.  As we would be sailing from City Terminal the following day, we went over to Mayflower Park to see which gangway they'd be using on Sea Princess.  However an employee at Dock Gate 8 told us they weren't using the new one all month.  Crap!  My friend Nick and his other half Geoff were doing their first cruise on Sea Princess and looking forward to it.
After the recce in the morning we all went down to the marina in the afternoon for the departures.  Sea Princess had originally been changed to 4.45pm but then annoyingly returned to 5pm.
Sea Princess did lifeboat drill at 4.15pm actually cast off and moved first just before five complete with tug attached to the stern.  But then Oriana spoiled things by following a few minutes later meaning Sea Princess had to wait for her to shift it!  Oceana was still bunkering.  There was a lot of blasting between them all.
The sailaway party aboard Sea Princess was very loud as she sailed past us.  Meanwhile Oceana finished bunkering and cast off at 5.15pm - hooray!  She blasted as she also reached Mayflower Park then again near us.
And so off Nick and Geoff went down to the Med and we went home where I finished packing for my own cruise in less than twenty-four hours.  

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© Patricia Dempsey 1st September 2007
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