World Renaissance
A recently discovered photograph taken in around 1988.  The 11,724grt World Renaissance made her debut in 1966 as Renaissance for Cie. Navigation de Paquet.  In 1977 she was sold to Epirotiki Lines of Greece and renamed Homeric Renaissance.  During a charter to Costa from 1978 her name was changed to World Renaissance, which Epirotiki kept when the charter ended.  Club Awani later chartered her in 1995 under the name Awani Dream.  Epirotiki sold her to Royal Olympic Cruises who retained the name.  After going out of business in 2004, Elysian Cruises bought her in 2005 and called her Grand Victoria a for two years when she was sold to Majestic International Cruises of Greece where she continued to sail as Blue Monarch until heading to Alang in March 2010.

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